Wohohoooooooo how humbling and heartworming your exquisite message is, my dear Kristina!!! You're making my day!

And I so understand your decision to choose what to read!

One of my rules for Medium is not to read any article whose ower is clearly displaying a selfish behavior.

A second one is to reciprocate reading and supporting (highlights and claps) the generous ones. Still, I only follow those whose work resonates and is alighned with who I am and my mission.

This being said, I love the synchronicity since I also needed to slow down but for different reasons: my body was exhausted from the tremendous emotional continuous manipulation and grieving following the radical acceptance. It's such a painful process.

I listened to a brilliant video yesterday, btw, about both paths (radical acceptance and denial) and I can share on messenger, should you be interested!

In my case, what is helping me comparing to what the therapist is describing is that my transformation made me avoid feeling guilt and shame, given that I already reconnect with my true self and intrinsic worth!

Also, forgiveness is much easier and I can decide to love and care despite all the hurt as well as the awareness.

Apart from the huge pain of trying to accept the truth and failing, most people who are in denial are kept prisoners in toxic relationships not because of genuine love, unfortunately. The reasons can be: 1. Guilt, 2. Hope, 3. Fear, 4. Curiosity, and 5. Lack of knowledge (according to psychologist Ramani Durvasula).

Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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