Would You Take a Moment and Ponder?

These times are the most optimal opportunity to transform!

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There is no doubt the human history has already known numerous crises, bloody wars, and even pandemics by the past. The only novelty with this COVID-19 one is the global scale.

I will be extremely raw and admit I am considering this pandemic as a blessing, as counterintuitive as it may sound to some of you. I am truly hoping for some change out of it. I will not hide the truth.

I do believe in the original greatness of the human being at the moment of our conception by our parents.

I do believe we were all fairly granted some fabulous gifts — the power of choice, the ‘Principles’ Center, and the seeds of our 4 forms of intelligence / their manifestations:

  • The Intellectual intelligence (IQ) / Vision: We develop this first form through being humble enough to unlearn & learn again. This part also depends on how much others are willing to use our minds creatively.

Let’s take an example if you don’t mind!

Adolf Hitler had a vision: “World peace will be realizable only when one power, the racially best one, has attained complete and uncontested supremacy.”

He was not only disciplined, but also succeeded in building a disciplined army blindly believing in him.

He was extremely passionate about his evil plan.

Was he a leader? Absolutely not. What was missing? The most important component of the equation: the ‘Principles’ Center, the conscience.

He was an ego-driven guy who, instead of uplifting the world, could only create chaos!

What are the virtues of this servant leader to whom we feel attracted without even controlling it?

  • A story we can easily relate to,

In addition to our three common gifts making of us this servant leader, we were given some unique talents of which we are supposed to make use in order to contribute to this interdependent world and reach a balance requiring the musician, physician, cook, pilot, doctor, security person, teacher, biologist, writer, dancer, engineer, salesperson, farmer, mechanical, singer, travel agent, architect, accountant, animal trainer, sports coach, baker, concierge, actor/actress, lawyer, etc…

If the original being is so great, what made of this world that cruel?

The easy answer to such a question is the life-time of conditioning and its outcome — the invasive subconscious program written by the grownups Obviously, the level of the distortion is different from a person to another.

We need to understand that the mental & emotional spectrum is a 180° line going from the 100% dark ego at the extreme left to the 100% self-love (aka healthy ego) at the extreme right. This means that the level of responsibility in the world’s s*it is also different. Still, we are all responsible in a way or another.

Let’s face the truth, shall we?

No one could deny the fact there is a lot of hurt because of this Coronavirus: deaths, people not being able to say a last goodbye to their beloved ones, people losing their jobs, and not being able to support their families, etc… Of course, this is making me sad.

Interestingly, this is anything but new. My heart has been bleeding for so long. Despite my optimistic outlook and the fact I am an entertainer, I have been crying way before this COVID-19 because of the numerous manifestations of the sick ego starting from the very beginning of mankind’s history.

What do you think the origin of the countries is? It is nothing but an evolution of the tribes. Why were the tribes created? To protect the exploited land and kill any individual who could even think of approaching the territory and share the land’s resources.

What was the fuel? Fear and the scarcity mentality. In modern times, the same principles apply. Plus, it is way easier to control people who are afraid of each other.

More to the point, the Universe is sending a coded message. Open your heart and listen to the Wake-up. Be honest with yourself and admit your responsibility.

Taking one’s responsibility to change what we were not responsible for creating in the first place — our subconscious program — is probably the highest level of strength and wisdom!

Start the homework. It will be painful. If not, it is ineffective and definitely reversible. Don’t get trapped into the positive affirmations. They would work for a while until some trauma would happen, and your ingrained limiting beliefs would override them. They could also work forever if no major incident occurs.

Does this mean you could “unbecome” the filter through your mapping and reconnect with the servant leader you originally were? Definitely not. It only means you will forever live in the shadow of this great being.

Be aware that the pain is triggered by two elements:

  • Meeting your demons and realizing how much your program is biased,

Be bold enough to stay with this pain because you can. The most important detail to always bear in mind is that you are *not* your false self, that all your insecurities, meanness, jealousy, envy, your tendency to complain, judge, label, make assumptions, seek only to be understood, etc… are nothing but the product of your program you never wrote in the first place.

When you start the real transformational adventure, make sure to be armed with self-compassion. You will need it to forgive yourself for all the harm you unintentionally caused to everybody around you. I believe in your ability to do so. Now it is your turn. You deserve freedom and owe it to yourself!

Last but not least, this investment in yourself in terms of time and energy will be the most rewarding one of your whole existence. It will not only benefit you but everybody else around you.

Your Center is the foundation of your love manifestation. If your Center is your children, the love that manifests from it will mostly benefit your children. If your Center is the ‘Principles’, the manifestation of your love will benefit the Universe.

With love, Myriam

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Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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