I might be a negative person by your standards! 😁 I feel people’s energy and can make the difference between a dark and kind soul, given I reconnected with my purest gut (this is a secret between you and me; I don’t want manipulators and abusers to be aware of it 🤭🤐🤪).

Still, even if a kind soul might be trustworthy and able to build trust whenever they are self-aware (a human endowment that so many folks have never ever used sadly), it doesn’t mean they will automatically raise my trust reserve or what Covey liked to call the Emotional Bank Account!

If a kind soul is diving into life with a subconscious program full of emotional scars, flashbacks, unprocessed feelings and mental patterns, chances are high they will be self-absorbed and unlikely to actively listen to me-- the very first step to give me some psychological air and understand who I am. They might be people of integrity at the core, but they would break their promises either because they made them to please me and be accepted in the first place, given they never learned to respect themselves and build their healthy boundaries, or because they are too anxious they forgot about it, or because they are moody and unreliable.

They might attend to the little things and courtesies, but would be unable to clarify the expectations (one of the major root causes of many problems between people is that we tend to believe our expectations are trivial and shared by everyone), since they don’t even know who they are.

They may have all the good intentions and don’t want to hurt me, but would struggle with apologizing quickly and sincerely whenever screwing things up because it takes tons of internal security and character strength to expose oneself emotionally and take the risk of being rejected!

More to the point, as I always say, love is a genuine and pure emotion you can give for free to anyone and anything. Trust and relationships, on the other hand, need to be deserved! 🌞

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Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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