Oh my dear friend! It is easy for you to say this because you are a person of integrity! Because you are self-aware and that your authentic self is beautiful! Because you have already worked on your distorsions and limiting beliefs!

You remind me of a message I shared once on LinkedIn about authenticity:

Many people tend to believe that if you are on LinkedIn, it's either to look for a job or to find employees, partners, and clients.

👉What if this perception is actually the problem?

👉What if this limiting belief is coming from our inability to be authentic?

👉What if I tell you there is absolutely no difference between personal and professional?

👉What if we can admit to ourselves in a moment of truth how conditioned we are and decide to do something about it?

👉What if we can "unbecome the filter" through moving back to our original Center we were granted at our conception: the principles?

👉What if we can acquire all the lovable virtues we're all dreaming of, and find our voice we can speak authentically everywhere, no matter who is watching; simply because the main drive and motivation are actually to be a role model?

👉What if the only criteria for posting content is "not violating any principle": human dignity, respect, fairness, integrity, service, excellence, growth, patience, etc...

👉What if I can assure you that you'd build on Linkedin what is way more valuable than JUST a business?

You'd build trust & healthy relationships. You'd build a moral authority. This is simply priceless...