Oh I can’t help myself but to do so!

Excellent raw & authentic article dear Crystal :) I’m a big fan!

I might need to add something here. It’s not that easy and self-evident for all of us. I believe it requires conquering our shame and fighting our pervasive “Never enough” culture.

If the story we are telling ourselves “he doesn’t love me because I’m not lovable enough”, then, you guessed right, it will be a bit difficult to show up again.

If, on the contrary, we rather say: “Yes, it didn’t work; yes I might be imperfect, sometimes clumsy and even maybe annoying, but I am also real, courageous and worth of love and belonging; yes this is hurting and maybe even devastationg, but acceptation & validation are not the values that drive me; courage and love are my values, and I was courageous. You can move on shame”; then, yes, there is a huge chance to show up again and again… and again :)

This kind of belahior of never letting anything of the life’s adversity including heartbreaks harden our hearts comes from a place of worth. So, congratulations for having done the hard work, and please continue to inspire others as you’re brilliantly doing it!


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