Oh gosh, this very simple sentence gave me full-body goosebumps and tears... When I talk about the drastical transformation and the fabulous outcomes of re-writing the invasive subconscious program we never chose in the first place, many folks tend to ask me this legitimate question: “Does this mean I will never feel pain again?”

And my answer is always honest since I don't sell "dreams": I’m sorry for disappointing you, but the answer is “No”. There will always be people who would not value your efforts, or who would show a lack of morals.

Your assessment of a person’s emotional balance could still be a bit wrong. Don’t be shocked! Brilliant manipulators exist, and you’ll need time to learn to trust your intuition about them.

Even when you do, but that you ignore they’re aware of the abuse and unlikely to change, you can also break your heart trying to help them and eventually got disappointed, sad — sometimes even disgusted.

You could be deceived and betrayed. You could also feel pain for a human reason: the loss of a beloved person. But here is the deal: all is about the duration!