No, you don't, my friend! That's the BS you're told by the manipulators, the imposters, the character-disturbed individuals who have been successful for hundreds if not thousands of years in dostorting the global subconscious program!

As a recovered perfectionist who had had some depression episodes, 3 burnouts during her corporate career, an existential crisis and who was subtely abused by a malignant narcissist while she was trying to heal from chaos to the point of having almost committed suicide in September 2018 before being saved at the last minute by the grace of her pure love divinity through an out-of-body experience, I can tell you THE ORIGINAL SERVANT LEADER IN YOU IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Your intrinsic worth was so discriminated against! Your caregivers whether they're narcissists or simply kind souls conditioned themselves did a bad job like so many parents-- if not most of them! It's the fault of your distorted subconscious program which needs to be re-written!

I can share a few articles with you which might help a little!