In love with this wise, heartfelt and responsible message dear Nini! Again, I realize how much we are saying the SAME thing and it makes me so happy I found your beautiful mind & heart!!!

There was some gap in the communication for the second time! 😁 I might know the reason: the word "want"!

Damn, I'm figuring our through those very interesting discussions that when we don't know the person on a deep level-- implying that we don't trust them yet-- it's extremely important to pay attentions to the labelling!

"What is the difference? A direction, a meaning, a principled mission. When we start knowing what we stand for and that what we’re doing id driven by a calling and a priority, we don’t feel the obligation to do it (which is indeed affecting the productivity). We do it because we want to, because serving makes us fulfilled!"

If you pay attention to this part again, you will see the mission is described as "principled". You will also see I'm talking about a "calling". Do you think a person who is living by the principles on a daily basis could be self-serving and talking success? 😊

Probably not! The word "want" here does not refer to doing something in a selfish way! We want to do it because it serves our calling, our cause, our mission much bigger than our small selves!

Again, I am talking about servant leaders here as well who would unapologetically tell the truth no matter how it would impact them, who would listen to their integrity call and do whatever can make the world a better place for the generations unborn, and that's what they WANT to do!

And I agree about the messy world... The root cause is that those servant leaders are sadly RARE...

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Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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