I say YASSS to this! I'm highlighting it from time to time hoping at least one emotionally imbalanced person would miraculously break their denial prison and start thinking critically instead of going with the flow of the "feeling good" delusional stuff...

This was one of the latest trials:

"In the quality of an unapologetic truth-teller, I need to ask you a simple question:

🗣 Do you want to stay a prisoner of the toxic positivity endlessly promoted by motivators, or are you willing to take your power back, and do your homework so that you won't need anyone or any external quick fix to set you on track whenever you fall off balance?

For the quick story, I saw a post a few days ago, and I was shocked. Not only of the person who shared it but also of all the "motivators" and "influencers" who were joining the woman in her thoughts.

She was basically talking about her visit to the beauty center after the lockdown, about how much she was not feeling herself lately, about how important first impressions were.

She even dared ask the audience whether "they were what they wore". 😳 And guess what? She got many CONFIRMATIONS!

I was like "You must be kidding me 😮 Did you forget about the promoted #authenticity? How possibly can you miss the inconsistency folks?"

Let me give you a fact: the "motivation" hashtag on LinkedIn is followed by 15,564,561 individuals. The "responsible" & "accountable" hashtags didn't reach 460 followers TOGETHER.

Can you see the tendency? What if you start paying more attention to the manipulation games?"

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