Myriam Ben Salem🦋
2 min readOct 26, 2020


I loved your piece and writing style Adam; so very well done! 👏👏👏

If I may, here are my 2%:

I agree we need to stop blaming our parents for the all the shit they wrote in our subconscious program resulting in all the emotional imbalance, and many times in mental disorders. Not only becaude we understand and feel compassionate given they’re also victims, but also because forgiving them is healing and that our soul deserves it.

Having said that, it’s crucial to make accountable people for what they do in any area of life and most importantly “parenting": what will define our life, interactions, choices, decisions, and the crap or the plus-value that we will be adding to the world!

Without making people accountable, the bleeding will never stop and that is simply unfair. In other words, a global awareness around the parenting big problem needs to be a priority. The future parents need to be ready to have kids or AVOID having any.

It's not important to give birth to kids. Many adults are driven by selfishness/insecurities:

👉 They want to feel the oxytocin effect.
👉 They can’t bear with the environment’s pressure.
👉 They want to look normal to the world while hiding their EVIL nature. It goes beyond this need for some disorders. For narcissists, their children are a source of narcissistic supply which they need to survive. Kids are merely their extension with no separate identity. They’re trophies. They’re things. This latter group don’t deserve at all parenting and, in the World of Pandora, should be prohibited by the law from even thinking about it.

What truly matters is to honor the privilege of raising those small and fragile creatures who are looking to be unconditionally loved; those beings whose self-talk should look like this:
▪ My feelings get seen, heard, and understood, or at least made an attempt to.
▪ I get attuned to, so relating is safe.
▪ I can trust my caregiver.
▪ I’m worthy of having needs and worthy of those needs being met.
▪ My vulnerability isn’t a bad thing.



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