In-School & Play: How Can You Help Your Kids’ Healthy Development?

You need to pay attention to whether they are manipulated at school…

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

Please educate yourself about the art of manipulation

We trust trustworthy people. Those who are principled and walking their talk. Those who make consistent deposits to elevate the Emotional Bank Account as Stephen Covey liked to call the trust reserve.

When someone mirrors us, they are doing a range of things. They may mimic us, emulate us, be interested in us, share our interest, point out our strengths, gently point out our weaknesses, and simply reflect us. Healthy mirroring involves a person who sees us accurately, and who allows us to see them as well. It is safe. It is reciprocal. It is honest. It is kind. Having this sort of holistic mirroring leaves us feeling safe. Narcissistic mirroring is a whole other game. The process is less about seeing you in some meaningful way than it is about data gathering. — Dr. Ramani Durvasula

More to the point, if we did not learn to question anything, including our thoughts, chances are high to be fooled by manipulative individuals.

It is the narcissists’ limiting belief you need to spot! It is like saying, “Poutine or Hitler is a good leader!”

The importance of play

Most of this evidence has come from brain imaging studies examining activity levels in certain regions of the brain, the results of which have caused many to speculate that there might be abnormalities in the basic brain ‘wiring’ of psychopaths that make it difficult or impossible for them to develop a normal sense of concern for the welfare of others. — Dr. George Simon

I don’t only believe you can: I know you will also do all that it takes for your kids!



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