Guess I'll be sending you my kleenex bill very soon if you continue moving me on a daily basis, my dear friend!

To be very honest, I never felt threatened by any predator concept! I was rather feeling disgusted, shame on me... That's specifically why this limiting belief was the very first on my list in January 2019 (after 3 months and a half of healing).

The decision to start the serious work at that point while I was feeling I needed more time for the most obvious scars was triggered by an injury. I wrote about it here:

When I was done with my self-awareness exercise, the pain I felt was undescribable... That's probably what made the shift instant! To be very realistic, the reason why re-writing the program takes consistency (as one of 5 pre-requisites) is the huge difference in terms of the way of learning between the conscious and subconscious minds:

While the conscious mind is creative, the subconscious one is habitual and repetitive!

Last but not least, today I would die defending a homosexual person!

Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!