Dear Toni,

We might have never talked, but I need you to know that I already love who you are! 🤗💙🤗

Hats off, my friend, for your bravery, internal security, and your gem 💎 of heart! Homeless people are not only worthy of all the beauty, respect and love of the universe! They can be way better human beings than those avoiding them and have the illusion they're superior! Those are actually the sick ones who deserve our pity!

I once saw a video where a guy was walking in the streets of New York city with money glued to his clothes and a poster saying “take what you NEED”. There were men wearing brand suits and women carrying luxurious accessories like a Louis Vuitton bag.

They were taking enormous quantities. When our guy asked one of them, “Do you need all of this?”, she responded confidently, “Yeah, I have an appointment in the beauty center in a while!”

Then, there was a homeless guy. He took a too small amount. The video maker asked him to take more. What was his answer? “I took what I need for today! Many people would need what I left…”

Even when remembering the scene now, it moves me and makes me cry my warm tears. The homeless guy was the most secure person whose integrity and abundance mentality didn’t fade away despite his financial situation...

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