Dear Kris,

Even though I didn’t get the chance to meet you in person, I love everything about you; I really do.

Being so authentic, generous, relatable, compassionate and, at the same time, so fucking frank to the point that it would hurt — yeah facing one’s insecurities isn’t one of the most pleasant life experiences until one can ultimately and hopefully become 100% emotionally healthy and self-sufficient (I am reading all your articles, you guessed right :)) is way more impressive to me than Elon Musk’s plan to conquer the space!

I am one of your biggest fans mainly because you are giving back to the world in the simplest and most powerful & touching way, and especially since this is part of my personal mission statement below:

“Living consciously. Being a person of value in any situation or decision making. Giving a fuck only about what really matters. Embracing my flaws which make me human & real. Making tiny enhancements from day to day. Keeping a sound & optimistic outlook on the future despite all the problems which will always be there. Giving back to the world.”

Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to come back to the following part of your brilliant article:

They do not deserve your love if they use your love against you. If they use it to mistreat you. If they use your own love to harm you, they do not deserve it.

They still deserve your basic well-wishes. You can extend basic consideration for their wellbeing, and you can care. But they do not deserve your love.

Don’t you think a person who manipulated you, emotionally abused you, mistreated you, and used your love to harm you should never deserve your consideration & respect anymore, that the best they can get is forgiveness and not wishing to see them suffering?

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Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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