Brilliant conclusion! In fact, that's how so many kind souls could be confused with the tormented souls we call "narcissists"!

For the quick story, no later than yesterday, I felt so frustrated while discovering the description of a fellow writer whom I loved reading one of his stories!

There was a huge phase-shift between the depth of his piece and the superficiality of how he described himself (king, better than the rest, etc...).

For a moment, I judged him and even deleted my comment in which I put my soul. A while after, he engaged on one of my stories. I could feel the genuine attribute of his words and energy and was confused again!

Solution? I contacted him on Twitter (he started following me) and expressed my confusion in a complete transparent way! That's when I realized he was using a list of songs (not accurate in any case) in his description.

I figured out he was anything but a miserable narcissist; only a 19-year-old student whose subconscious program is distorted-- like most kind souls anyway-- sadly believing he needed to do BIG things to be SOMEBODY...

I can say I had a delightful conversation with the kid and that he was worth my time and energy! He updated his description everywhere and was so grateful for my honest feedback and the effort I made so that others wouldn't judge him while he was a beautiful soul!