Awww you can never know about the intentions, dear Dew! That's why I've been crying from the very first word of your article... 😭

The manipulators and character-disturbed individuals including narcissists, psychopaths and many other toxic people have been successful for hundreds, if not thousands of years, in distorting the global subconscious program and instilling so many subtle limiting beliefs.

Hence, they gave birth to all the shitty manifestations and chaos triggered by the unhealthy ego and making of the world we're living in selfish, immoral, cruel and too imbalanced more often than we would like to admit it to ourselves...

So, in my humble opinion, you never know whether any form of art including those superhero movies is the product of one of those tormented souls who would do anything to reach their self-serving goals, or if they belong to the kind souls community conditioned and whose subconscious program was distprted as well!

But, that's not the most important detail I would say! What is crucial though is to elevate the global awareness around the danger of the distorsions as you're brilliantly doing here!

We need to understand that every human being was a superhero at the moment of the conception that is before any conditioning started! The servant leader in us is luckily not dead; rather laying dormant under the never enough shields we've built and waiting for us to clean the dust!

The guy in the story below is one of my very favorite superhero:

He's a Mall security guy and this was one of his moving reflections: That moment when you start doubting why you're doing this job and that a terrified kid appears from nowhere and asked you between his tears "Sir, can you please help me find Mommy?", that's when you realize it has never been about you!

Last but not least, there is a war hero I'd love to take the opportunity to celebrate if I may! Should you be interested, I shot this video where I was reading an extract from Mark Manson's masterpiece "Everything is f*cked":

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