Awww gosh, dearest Bingz! This gem💎 hits home and makes me cry all my warm tears, for which I'm grateful! 😭💙

I couldn't agree more with the brilliant mind and kind soul you interviewed!

It is basically why I can't stop repeating myself when it comes to two topics: parenting and re-writing the program!

In my humble opinion, at the moment of our conception, we are ALL naturally gentle and principle-centered servant leaders eager to contributing with our beautiful beings and gifted special talents to uplifting the world!

I am saying "at the moment of our conception" instead of "birth" on purpose, since the conditioning starts from the mother's womb through her hormones. That's why we can notice so many kids come to life silent and anxious. They were sadly vehiculated the message that the external world is a dangerous place to be in...

"Healthy" parenting, which could only be the product of self-aware caregivers who worked on the majority of their own program-- or who, at least, started the process since they had their awakening while being already pregnant for women, will keep the kids and future adults connected to the original great beings.

Healthy does obviously not mean perfect and flawless! It means being an emotionally healthy parent who learned to have an alert mind and an empowered heart, who lives wholeheartedly including making mistakes and having enough internal security to humbly apologize to their kids. It means being a role model. It means consistently loving their kids whose self-talk would look like this:

• My feelings get seen, heard and understood, or at least made an attempt to.

• I get attuned to, so relating is safe.

• I can trust my caregiver.

• I’m worthy of having needs and worthy of those needs being met.

• My vulnerability isn’t a bad thing.

Alternatively, when we become adults and that we realize our caregivers were sadly ignorant of the basics of healthy parenting (explaining all the mental benign disorders, insecure attachment styles and the tendency to be self-absorbed and selfish of so many kind souls), nothing is lost luckily!

The great being is never dead (okay, except for evil people who lost their soul to darkness); only numbed under the layers of the life-time of conditioning! And that's why re-writing the program through destroying the limiting beliefs both about thyself and the world is the second chance we've got to set the servant leader free! 💙

Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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