Actually, it was way more than a simple perspective change! It was rather a drastical transformation following an existential crisis then being abused by a malignant narcissist then almost ending my life before having an out-of-body experience where the servant leader in me dissociated to show me all the lies of my unhealthy ego and make me realize the universe is anything but revolving around my small self.

The transformation implies having taken the time to explore my invasive subconscious program full of limiting beliefs about thyself and the world (crap), use an opposite emotion to reverse the consistent traumas about thyself so that to move from my fearful avoidant insecure attachment style to the secure one, and re-write the part about the world in alignment with the universal principles. Only then, did I fully reconnect with my intrinsic worth and my internal security progressively become limitless, did I learn self-respect, build strong healthy boundaries, start inviting the right people to my world and letting go the toxic ones, or simply those kind souls whose denial mechanism is way stronger than their will power to come back to the great being they were at the moment of their conception, and did I become a person on mission: educating around all the manifestations of the distorted subconscious program, which is bacisally ALL what harms in the world from the smallest to the biggest details (suicides, (imbalanced global wealth distribution and famine & extreme poverty, slavery & discrimination up to today, wars, global warming, etc).



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Myriam Ben Salemūü¶č

A fur Momma, animal lover & advocate, lifelong learner, storyteller, edutainer, and published author. I write personal stories and essays.