I did and found out it was linked to their ability to simply “be”!

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Toxic friends can merely “do” for you. A healthy friendship is all about “being”.

If you are a new reader, welcome on board, and thank you for deciding to stop by. If you are a returning one, I want you to know how grateful I am for your trust and loyalty!

I am aware some of you might be tempted to ask whether all toxic friends are dark, manipulators, or simply what I like to call character-disturbed individuals who lost their soul battle and turned evil.

There are two kinds of toxic people

Toxicity can either come from an abusive & manipulative person or an emotionally imbalanced human being who is diving into life with a package of numerous emotional scars, mental patterns, and unprocessed feelings. …

I don’t. I believe we could contribute to creating more chaos when dealing with the wrong individuals!

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“One can only return to the fact that even the most ordinary, good-hearted, intelligent people are literally prone to believing the most blatantly nonsensical untruths. And this comes from the realization that there are some opinions and some beliefs so incredibly inane, we may actually on occasion feel insane for not believing them; and that is probably because in giving the benefit of the doubt we self-doubt, we convince ourselves into lame passivity and blind acceptance, we tell ourselves, ‘Maybe I’m just missing something here.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Who deserves the benefit of the doubt?

Giving the benefit of the doubt to “inherently good” people when we notice their inconsistency with walking their talk is a virtue I do encourage, undoubtedly. …

I’ve been struggling with putting what I felt into words for two hours!

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Undoubtedly, parenting is a privilege and blessing, whether you are raising a human kid or a pet! My furry adopted me back in October 2020. I thought of naming her “Miracle”, but then opted for “Mimi”.

I need to admit I’ve been struggling with my overwhelming feelings as well as putting them into words for two hours!

For the quick story, Mimi understands, in my dialect, the words “No”, “Hold on”, “Come over here”, “You must be kidding me”, “Stop it”.

They used to be said with a frustrated tone from time to time before the new era marked by her spaying surgery. …

An open Letter to Self-Absorbed Manipulators/Abusers/Bullies

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An inflated consciousness is always egocentric and conscious of nothing but its own existence. It is incapable of learning from the past, incapable of understanding contemporary events, and incapable of drawing right conclusions about the future. It is hypnotized by itself and therefore cannot be argued with. — Carl Jung

By being who you are, dear Mr./Ms. Manipulator/Abuser/Bully, you will miss out on:

  • Feeling genuine love for people, animals, and anything beautiful the Universe is offering generously,
  • Peacefully smiling at the tiniest things while having the heart filled with gratitude,
  • Laughing freely and so loudly that you snort,
  • Being happy for someone else’s…

Don’t confuse diplomacy with the exquisite emotional intelligence skill

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For those of you who are stopping by for the first time, I want to welcome you warmly and thank you for your precious time! If you are a returning reader, I never get enough of repeating how much I value your trust and loyalty!

For the latter group, you already know that I talk about emotional intelligence frequently. I will add a few samples in the bottom for anyone of you — dear readers — who might be interested in the topic or in re-discovering!

I find it a bit sad to witness how many folks can feel confused and lost when it comes to making the difference between emotional intelligence and diplomacy. …

Parents are either creating servant leaders or insecure future adults unlikely to give back to the world!

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What are we? Yes, you and me! The mammals’ species we call “human beings”. The most simplistic definition I can think of is:

  • Spirit: aka the source, the light, the conscience, the principles,
  • Mind,
  • Soul: who we are as a person; originally a servant leader,
  • Special talents.

It brings us to an essential operation that makes the extinction of species unlikely to occur. We call it a reproduction. Maybe we need to specify that it didn’t prevent some other living creatures from disappearing because of the greed of our species, though.

So, now that the offspring are born, does it mean that we are done? Okay… I might need to be more accurate here. I am not talking about providing a roof, feeding or buying clothes to the kids, and keeping them safe from any danger threatening their life. Those are basics that even the most unaware caregiver should, unquestionably, offer. …

Again, you will need to awaken your critical thinking gift lying dormant!

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“Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” — Alan Alda

If you made it this far, I’m guessing the answer is straightforward, which is making me even more excited to share my thoughts with you, dear readers!

If you are a new one, I am thankful you decided to stop by. If you are a returning one, you already know how much I value and am humbled by your loyalty and trust!

A few days ago, I had the honor to publish the following article under “Know Thyself, Heal Thyself”…

I was having a walk by the lake during the last hour before the curfew. I love all animals but there is something special about those beautiful creatures that amazes me!

I feel privileged every time that I share some magical connection with a dog. I summarized some of them here.

This story’s hero was lying on the floor and observing passers-by. I couldn’t help but say “hi”. He looked at me with his gorgeous eyes before coming in my direction.

I started petting him on the chest, given that I know it was associated with a decrease in heart rate according to a recent study. …

I listened to a video yesterday that was stipulating our current physical world was a simulation preparing us for the real life where our thoughts would manifest instantly!

It explained that our current struggles making us build our resilience and mental strength are required and exactly what we need to be able to literally “survive” in our future world.

Interestingly, this is a limited theory, given that we could have stayed connected to the original great being at our conception — should we have been raised in a healthy family system and by self-aware caregivers — and that millions of individuals left this world without having any chance to awaken their spirit. …

You need to start using your critical thinking gift to see it!

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It’s fortunate that I am a writer, because that has helped me understand the properties of words. They are what have made life complex. In the battle for status in the animal kingdom, power and aggressiveness have been all-important. But among humans, once they acquired speech, all that changed. — Tom Wolfe

There is a fine line between firmness and aggressiveness.

While the former comes from a place of self-respect and aims to show people our healthy boundaries and how to treat us, the latter is abusive and used by tormented souls in two situations:

Whenever something external triggers a narcissistic injury

The level can go from covert aggressiveness (sarcasm, subtly invalidating or gaslighting you, etc…) to a narcissistic rage! Abusers are broken toddlers in terms of emotional maturity. They constantly feel empty and manipulate you so that they can get their narcissistic supply on which they survive. …


Myriam Ben Salem

Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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