Could humility be the answer?

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“Be realistic: Plan for a miracle.” — Osho Rajneesh

For those of you who are honoring me by stopping by for the first time, I want to express my deepest gratitude! This being said, you might want to know that I am a survivor.

Back in September 2018, and after having been harshly abused by a malignant narcissist, I was about to end my life.

I was saved at the last moment by the grace of my pure love divinity through an out-of-body experience.

It was as if the servant leader in me dissociated to make me see all the…


The “Black Lives Matter” Movement is probably not enough.

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Like the Aryan conquerors of India, white Europeans in the Americas wanted to be seen not only as economically successful but also as pious, just and objective. Religious and scientific myths were pressed into service to justify this division. Theologians argued that Africans descend from Ham, son of Noah, saddled by his father with a curse that his offspring would be slaves. Biologists argued that blacks are less intelligent than whites and their moral sense less developed. Doctors alleged that blacks live in filth and spread diseases — in other words, they are source of pollution. These myths struck a…


I did and found out it was linked to their ability to simply “be”!

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Toxic friends can merely “do” for you. A healthy friendship is all about “being”.

If you are a new reader, welcome on board, and thank you for deciding to stop by. If you are a returning one, I want you to know how grateful I am for your trust and loyalty!

I am aware some of you might be tempted to ask whether all toxic friends are dark, manipulators, or simply what I like to call character-disturbed individuals who lost their soul battle and turned evil.

There are two kinds of toxic people

Toxicity can either come from an abusive & manipulative person or an emotionally imbalanced…


I was tempted to name her Miracle but then opted for Mimi

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I feel fortunate for loving animals and need to admit to you it hasn’t always been the case. I never hated them or stayed careless whenever I was witnessing some cruel behavior toward them. But, I can’t say I had a particular connection with those beautiful living creatures!

Up to two years ago, I was trapped. I was the by-product of a lifetime of conditioning. I was diving into life with numerous traumas, emotional scars, and unprocessed feelings.

Up to two years ago, I was living 95 to 97% of my day on auto-pilot from a program I never wrote…


I spent a week in Barcelona and that short connection with my waiter is what stayed with me the most!

From the author’s personal album

With some friends, we planned our trip to Barcelona probably eight months upfront! It was during the last week of the year.

I am still not sure how we chose Barcelona for the New Year celebration given that it was rather popular during Summertime for tourists, and we could only be described as tourists, not adventurous travelers!

There was a problem, though. My boyfriend of the time is born on January, 1. We started dating after booking the trip. Going with my friends meant that I would miss his birthday.

I felt terrible and asked him whether it would make…


I hope that you will all experience the blast of being genuinely loved!

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Many individuals might think that physical hunger is unbearable and that it’s the highest form of suffering.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about the unfair famine and its disastrous impact on the whole being; a topic that will forever break my heart…

I am rather referring to a momentary and circumstantial physical hunger, whether chosen or not.

The truth is the hunger of the soul could be far more intolerable. For inherently good people, they may have the perfect life on paper by social lenses; still, they feel miserable. …


Instead of stressing out and becoming absorbed and self-centered…

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Gratitude and the fire in their heart coming from their ‘Universal Principles’ center are the keywords!

Being grateful even for the ‘bad’ is one of the most incredible human virtues that has the power to keep you sane.

When you accept the truth that the Universe knows better and that some events taking place in your life without your permission are all that you needed at the given moment, you will start experiencing miracles and seeing opportunities in your traumas!

Appealingly, your gratitude slowly transforms your ‘worry’ into ‘concern’. There is a fine line between the two:

Worry stems from…


Observe your day-to-day interactions and take note of how they make you feel!

Courtesy of the author: captured during a dancing class!

Don’t take my words for granted. Do your research and make yourself knowledgeable. You may be astonished by how much science and spirituality have in common.

When science and spirituality marry, divinity is born!

There is an explanation why quantum physics and epigenetics discoveries are not what you would see vehiculating in the different media channels or the official educational manuals:

They are challenging classic medicine and giving humankind their power back. It doesn’t serve pharmaceutical industries and all their allies in politics.

Appealingly, I can get thrilled when interacting with a person with a similar level of vibes, excitement…


What if you decide to listen to them instead of ignoring or, even worse, suppressing them?

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  • Struggling a bit today?
  • Did you receive some bad news?
  • Are you grieving a relationship or loss of any kind?
  • Are you feeling physically weak or emotionally drained?
  • Are you tired of your job search, and of constantly applying without being called for an interview?
  • Do you feel worried about securing some income for your family?

All of those elements are understandable and shared by all human beings at some point in their lives. We are no different, folks.

What is different from a person to another, though, is how we manage this very legitimate unease. …


Stay humble, be open to learning your lesson, and remember it’s always a blessing in disguise!

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A year and a half ago, I learned a magnificent lesson of humility. I received my final rating for some important exams. I’ll not share it as an achievement or celebrate it as a win.

At the end of the day, if there is no plus-value for you, dear reader, what’s the point?

Coming back to the story, there was a writing assignment among others, and guess what? It was my worst rating.

I could barely believe my eyes at first. …

Myriam Ben Salem🦋

Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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