The “Black Lives Matter” Movement is probably not enough.

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Like the Aryan conquerors of India, white Europeans in the Americas wanted to be seen not only as economically successful but also as pious, just and objective. Religious and scientific myths were pressed into service to justify this division. Theologians argued that Africans descend from Ham, son of Noah, saddled…


Why worry when the Universe has always generously granted me numerous blessings in disguise?

Courtesy of the author: baby Snow when we first met!

Before embarking on my Brazil volunteering adventure for a few months, I had to give my rented apartment back to its owner. It was no option to afford to travel with my baby MiMi and keep my place in parallel.

When I was back four months ago, I spent the…

I have been fortunate enough to parent two kids and foster two other kitties for a month. It seems to me there is only one difference between the self-preservation nature of all living organisms and humans.

It is merely the priceless wisdom to which only self-aware folks have access. Instead of fearing the loss and becoming anxious and resentful — the primitive and survival way of dealing with life, we can understand that:

  • We are not entitled to anything the Universe has to offer,
  • Every person can exist today in our world and disappear tomorrow,
  • We will all die at some point or what the stoics call “Momento Mori”: being mindful of the truth of death.

Developing the capacity of detachment is what liberates us from the heaviness of anxiety and resentment. Furthermore, it leaves enough room for the genuine love we may gift to the whole Universe!

Courtesy of the author: a love tree in Sweden!


Without their precious presence, the radical acceptance grief I needed to go through would have taken a lifetime, in all likelihood!

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I feel that I wouldn’t give enough credit to the power of healthy relationships whether on an individualistic or an expanded universal level, no matter how hard I tried to.

You might be familiar with this popular belief, “hurt people hurt others”. In the quality of a realistic and unapologetic…


Working on Self-Limiting beliefs is different from what is required for those about the world!

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The serious inner-work of rewiring a subconscious algorithm is not a one-time shot. Interestingly, rewiring the limiting beliefs about thyself is far more challenging than those about the world.

For the latter group, one merely needs to ask oneself an intuitive question, “Is this belief that I’m holding onto violating…


Especially when you don’t expect anything in particular and keep your heart open to receive the light!

Courtesy of the author: MiMi, 16 months, a girl, and Snow, 6 months, a boy

The former me used to crave giving birth to a girl and a boy while lacking the basic knowledge about what it takes to raise healthy future adults physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Interestingly, she was operating on auto-pilot and honestly believing the desire was wholeheartedly hers and the by-product…

Myriam Ben Salem🦋

Writing about things in the nexus of stoic philosophy, psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Common denominator? The subconscious program!

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