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No matter how isolated you are, your mind will never be alone. It will be rich in knowledge and ideas. It will never be bored or feel lonely. That’s the power of a rich mind. ~ Darius Foroux

The sentences I heard the most during this global pandemic lockdown were:

“I feel so bored. I watched all the movies and series on Netflix. …


GiaB writing prompt #5 shopping

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I was supposed to go to Paris during winter sales. A friend of mine succeeded in convincing me we would have so much fun. Somehow, I believed her!

Everything was settled for the adventure: flight tickets, hotel, plan — my friend took care of preparing obviously. 😁

Three days before, she called me. I could feel she was embarrassed and not sure how to formulate what she needed to say.

  • Please forgive me, but I’ll not be able to join…
  • What do you mean? Is this a bad joke?
  • I’m afraid it’s not. My boyfriend I didn’t see in a year is taking me to Rome. …

Myriam Ben Salem

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  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Before answering this question, I need to admit that I became allergic to the word “perfect”, given I am a recovered perfectionist! This being clarified, I tend to make the difference between joy, happiness/fulfillment, and wholeness.

  • Joy: pure moments of connecting with the inner child! It takes nothing fancy or extraordinary. A tiny plant growing out of sidewalk cracks, some magic bond with an animal in the street, a beautiful rainbow — you name it — can be a trigger to feel a sudden joy! …


Myriam Ben Salem

Recovered perfectionist. Passionate. Grown kid. Authentic. Edutainer. Former IT project manager. Unapologetic truth teller. Lifelong learner. Stoic philosopher.

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